Monday, July 13, 2009

Action Plan - Establish More Credible & Effective Business Associations !

Here is what I think the muslim business community should do:-
1. We should already have effective business associations in all the fields the we are involved in, if not - establish them quick!

Why quick?

The window of change is getting narrower and at a fast rate - globalization, FTA’s, etc. etc and of coz PRU13!

Do you think the grievances and wishes of the Muslim businessmen and associations are being heard.

The issues of the Non-muslims indeed are. Even when what they asked for is against court decisions.

Malays, on the other hand, tend to be tolerant, very politically correct and respectful of the law

2. Besides the micro-management of our individual business ( which we should obviously mind ourselves) we should also organize our business at macro-level.

This can be done through the business associations and guilds.

You cannot go far on your own-lah, Abang! Bersatu dan berangka-rangka (structured) teguh, bercerai atau bersatu-tapi-selambak bodoh!

3. Collaborative and collective actions are necessary. If we don’t we will be in a very disadvantaged position.

The government, for one, doesn’t listen to individual companies (lest you are a close crony!), they hear associations especially the credible ones. (Dewan Melayu can’t even get their rep into the Pemudah committee ).

4. Government policies are being changed very fast under Najib present administration and some legacy of Pak Lah. We don’t even know what to comment or ask! Only to moan…

We seemed to be asking for the same old thing – licenses, AP’s and ‘negotiated contracts’.

When asked if we want any of the government policies to be improved, we’d just be dumbfounded and would simply ask the practice of giving out AP’s and ‘negotiated contracts’ be continued (were they enacted policies, anyway?)

Is it a enacted policy to give priority to the 100% Bumi companies too, I wonder? So when Pemudah changed definition of the Bumiputra-ness to just mere 51% - it is not exactly changing a ratified policy, it’s just changing a traditionally accepted practice.

We should thus get together and get together we must fast – to formulate what must be and must be not!

Is the great Dewan Melayu and the Persatuan Kontraktor feeling anxious about anything?

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