Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why eDewan ?

eDewan, is a platform for muslim entrepreneurs and industries in Malaysia to organize themselves on.
It shall start with this blog and hopefully shall evolve into a proper website with more features and flexibility as it gets more attention, support and recognition.
We have of course several (not many, actually!) dewans and persatuan established by the muslims in Malaysia. The muslims especially the Malays are inclined to having ‘persatuan’ for the glamour of leading one where in their ‘functions’ they can rub shoulders with their political masters, and from which they will access to potential business for themselves.
Seldom are there ‘persatuans’ whose leadership devotes selflessly for the interest of the industry it represents, and to develop the particular industry.
It is with that reality in mind that this eDewan blog is created.

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